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Divinely Kissed

Venusian Silk Bath Soak

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Venusian Silk Bath Soak & Scrub


Indulge Your Inner Goddess with our Venusian Silk Bath Soak & Scrub

The Venusian Silk Bath is a Luxury Salt that is a combination of luxurious minerals and essential oils. Use them as a natural mineral bath soak, body salt scrub, or body polish.

🌹Suitable for all skin types. Enjoy the new smoother silky feel!

🌹Enhances Love magic and Sacred Self Care rituals!

Luxury Bath Salts. Goddess Bath & Body Natural Mineral Soak or Polish Scrub. Aromatherapy Bath with Magnesium. Spa Quality. Detox. Gift Giving Ready. Mineral Bath. Oak milk and Goat Milk soak. Body Salt Scrub. Body Polish. Rose and Argon Essential Oil Blend. 16oz. Handmade Gift. Self Care Gifts. Relaxation Gifts.