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Divinely Kissed Collection

Amethyst Medium Yoni Egg

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SIZE: 3cm x 4.2cm

EXCERPT: “HOW TO USE THE YONI EGG”: Amethyst is a wonderful Yoni Egg for women who are trying to connect to the deeper spiritual value of sex. It bridges our spiritual and sexual nature together and calms shame, fear, guilt, and doubt about sex. Amethyst Yoni Eggs gives us a clear and crisp perspective on using our Yoni in an enlightened fashion. The intuitive value of orgasm is revealed while using Amethyst Yoni Eggs.

This spirit-filled egg:
– Is a protective stone with a high spiritual frequency
– Transmutes negative energy into greater awareness
– Has strong healing and cleansing powers
– Empowers spiritual awareness and intuition
– Has a soothing affect on overindulgence
– Aids in overcoming addictions
– Facilitates the decision-making process
– Calms neural signals in the brain
– Helpful to overactive thinking
– Enhances memory and improves motivation
– Facilitates the visualization and psychic gifts
– Promotes emotional healing
– Dispels anger, rage, fear, and anxiety
– Supports coming to terms with a transition or loss
– Facilitates out-of-body experiences
Chemical composition: SiO2