About Us

Divinely Kissed was created by Tahiry Devine in 2014 for the empowerment and integration of metaphysical wisdom and spiritual independence for the divinely intimate soul. As priestesses/metaphysicians of our own connection with the Divine, we believe that cultivating intimacy within the spiritual journey has tangible impacts on the self esteem and overall wellbeing. 

Divinely Kissed offers premiere spiritual tools to integrate the sacred and mundane aspect of lifeWhile our intentions are key to our manifestations, we wholeheartedly believe the necessity of having access to authentic practitioner tools is vital in the co-creation process.   

Whether you are officiating a sacred ritual, or seeking deeper connection, Divinely Kissed is your premiere Home for Divine Essentials in Metaphysical Manifestation of Wealth & Prosperity, Self-Love, and Magic. We are honored to assist you in your journey of self-reflection, healing, love, and manifestation.


Meet Tahiry Devine

Tahiry Devine is the Head Creatrix and a solitary practitioner. As a Ceremonial Leader, she is the Founder of the online Feminine Mysteries School The Rosa of Damascus. You may follow her Devine Tribe Podcast on all major streaming sites. 

Learn more about her and her journey at www.TahiryDevine.com