Treated or Not Treated Gemstones: The Divinely Kissed Way

Treated or Not Treated Gemstones: The Divinely Kissed Way

As a consumer of gemstones, whether a novice or experienced, understanding where and how your gems are sourced is extremely important factor in not only the safety of use, but also the affects of the environment in how they are sourced. 

Divinely Kissed is proud to be a facilitator of Fair Trade, natural, untreated, non-enhanced gemstones. We make this our priority to ensure that we provide gems that are safe and non-toxic. Our philosophy is to educate and provide resources for our clientele for the sole purpose of increasing sensuality and vitality among women with safe, untreated, nontoxic, and Fair use yoni eggs. 

Each gemstone egg is certified by the International Gemological Institute. Divinely Kissed inspects every gemstone egg for its uniqueness and high grade quality. 

We inspect the characteristic and attribute of each yoni gemstone egg that we provide to ensure healthy and safe use. 

Divinely Kissed is passionate about the genuineness of our gemstone yoni eggs and is committed in providing the highest quality of gems for your individual needs and yoni practice. Thank you for choosing Divinely Kissed! 

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