Special Invite! Devine Yoni Art Fest

Special Invite! Devine Yoni Art Fest

Our collective rebirth is rumbling. With every contraction, the new paradigm is getting closer.

Now more than ever, we're being called to reclaim our root and rise with our divine feminine power.

It is our time to remember we instinctively know how to birth, we can trust the mystery, we have natural creative intelligence, and we can lean on our wild instincts to find our way.

For all these reasons and many more...

This is why I'm am inviting you to join me for Yoni Art Fest!

Yoni Art Fest is a global art event gathering women around the world to explore, express, and embody their yoni.

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that means sacred gateway. This beautiful word references the sexual anatomy of a woman and the spiritual essence of the divine feminine.


Connecting with your yoni is about connecting with the root of your power as a woman both physically and spiritually.


Yoni Art Fest is happening June 16-18 

Register Here 

In Yoni Art Fest, you'll learn how to meet the essence of your yoni, how to heal your yoni, how to uncover your own pleasure map, and how to birth yourself through these transformational times.

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