Rose Quartz Phallus for Healing Masculine Energy

Rose Quartz Phallus for Healing Masculine Energy

The Divine Masculine within men and women is the energy that allows for protection, discernment, healing and a sense of deep safety. When the masculine energy within is healthy and strong, we have the inner strength to hold ourself safe through anything.

Our inner Feminine needs our inner Masculine, and vice versa. When they are in harmony with each other, we feel whole and healthy, and we are able to exist in a relatively peaceful and creative world. 

While our inner sacred feminine is blooming, our sacred Masculine needs to be able to protect and honor Her. Healing our masculine conscious can lead to stronger and healthier connections. 

Throughout ancient times, the phallus has been used as a symbol of resurrection and generative power. 

A phallus is in part a symbol of the creative force both literally and figuratively. On ejaculation, the penis is symbolically like a kundalini experience - the crown chakra opened, the spiritual energy surging upwards.

Phalluses are used extensively all over the world in stone or physically existent images, such as cigars, Leaning Tower of Pisa and many more imagery. In the Hindu religion the phallus is called the lingam. Phallus symbology has been used to represent fertility, strength and power. 

Whether in ritual or self care, the Pink Quartz Phallus can be utilized for the restoration of Sacred Masculine Energy, abuse recovery, sexual healing, manifesting a lover, and balancing one’s own sexual energy  

How to use a Rose Quartz Phallus 

To help the feminine embrace her inner masculine, we may use external symbols to connect with this energy. Whether you choose to insert the lingam or not, here are a few safety practices to incorporate before hand:

-Remember that rose Quartz is porous and can attract bacteria growth if not properly kept clean.

-Always use a condom if inserting phallus inside the body. 

-Always Clean your crystal based on its chemical composition. For instance, Rose Quartz is a very sensitive gemstone and should avoid using boiling hot water. 

-Use Warm water and mild natural soap to cleanse before and after use. 

-Never place rose Quartz in direct sunlight. 
-You can energetically cleanse with moonlight, sage, or any other purifying smoke, or other crystals such as selenite, Quartz, etc.
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