Nephrite Jade for New Beginning

Nephrite Jade for New Beginning

Jade gemstones have been used in religious significance and beauty rites in China and Central America for eons. It ornamental malleability properties made it a suitable stone for many purposes. There are two forms or composites of jade, Jadeite and Nephrite; with Nephrite being the oldest and most common of the two. Our post will expound on Nephrite. 

Nephrite jade is a soft, fibrous crystal that’s most popularly used in carvings, jewelry, and decor. Because its components are made of Actinolite, it is one of the strongest natural stones. It is highly valuable and considered to be sacred substance in traditional cultures. The jade gets its name from the Greek word “nephros”, which translates into kidney. This is because the boulders that Nephrite jade is mined from favors the shape of kidneys. 

The ancient Chinese who discovered jade believed the stone could heal kidney problems. This is interesting because the metaphysical properties of nephrite jade brings strength and calmness to the nervous system. It is claimed that it helps to promote emotional well being, especially during unpleasant or difficult situations. It is a symbol of tranquility and peace. This stone aids the body’s filtration systems; which why it is believed to assist the kidneys.
The metaphysical causes for kidney problems are fear, anxiety, and emotional suppression. When negative emotions are blocked or bottles up in the body, the kidneys is unable to filter or process that energy, it remains stagnate within the body, which can lead to various problems in the kidneys. 

Nephrite Jade supports our innate ability to feel nurtured and healthy. She offers a gentle boost to the bodies self healing power by assisting us to resolve stagnant negative emotions by soothing the nervous system. She supports regeneration and the body’s detoxification process; while being a powerful heart chakra and physical heart healer. 

I love working with Nephrite jade in our Yoni Egg practice. She taught me that sacrifice is an illusion, and that there is no loss or gain in Spirit. For many years, I had a scarcity mindset that agitated anxiety and fear around my physical safety and financial security. While carrying those negative emotions deeply within, I started develop early signs of kidney problems by age 26; fortunately my physician referred me to do some testing and together with healing the metaphysical issues along with medical intervention, I was restored.

I had to to view myself m objectively and witness my emotions and allow myself to feel them wholeheartedly. After emoting, I welcomed compassion and grace for myself. My daily practice with Nephrite Jade Yoni egg helped me to focus on gratitude, finding something everyday to love about myself, and open my mind to the possibilities of experiencing more pleasure and joy in life. 

Nephrite Jade is a wonderful addition to any spiritual healing practice. She is a game changer if you are ready to be fully broken open to allow the light in. If you have been closed off and stagnate, we highly recommend working with this beautiful gem. 

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