Mars in Aries 2020 Gemstone Star: Carnelian

Mars in Aries 2020 Gemstone Star: Carnelian

#MarsInAries will bring some fast yet determined energy. The brashness of others or yourself may be overwhelming. Anxiety and feelings of anxiousness may be a common theme with this upcoming transit. Carnelian can assist you in Taking sometime to center and ground yourself to relax in ease and just be.
Used in ancient times to protect the dead in their journey to afterlife, Carnelian helps to calm the fears about death and rebirth, bringing serenity and acceptance of the great cycle of life.
#Carnelian is a powerful #SacralChakra Stone. It increases personal power and physical energy, gives courage, and boosts creativity and compassion. Wearing or carrying Carnelian can enhance vitality and will, providing higher energy needed when approaching new projects and dreams.

Mentally, Carnelian assisted me in my analytical capabilities, and aided my meditations by allowing deeper concentration and keeping out interrupting thoughts; and assisted in easing away anxiety, as a Natal Mars in Aries, I suffered in silence for years until I took back control. Carnelian is a wonderful gemstone to help build confidence and security within self. 

Carnelian is useful in making decisions by keeping us focused on the here and now and not on past experiences. Carnelian calms anger and grounds you in reality, while keeping you aware of unconditional Love permeating the Universe. Carnelian encourages initiative and determination. Great gemstone to work with during this upcoming transit of Mars in Aries ♈️ energy for the remainder of the year.
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